Our Story

Our Mission

Capilano 100% Australian honey. We promise to love and care for the bees that make it. To support the beekeepers that harvest it and help ensure their futures. To quality check every drop and deliver it, pure and simply to your home. So we can all enjoy it.

Our Story

Proudly Australian owned and grown since 1953, Capilano is one of the world’s largest honey companies and is sold across Australia and in more than thirty countries around the world. All of this is possible due to Capilano's dedicated and hardworking honey supply network consisting of more than 600 Australian beekeeping families.

While Capilano Honey grown exponentially since 1953, the core values, established by founders J.C. (Tim) Smith MBE and his brother H.A. (Bert) Smith, of quality, innovation, safety and a true ‘hive to home’ experience continue to drive the company to this day.

Capilano has a long held commitment to quality assurance, product innovation and driving consumer awareness and consumption of honey. This commitment has been recognised through the company receiving multiple domestic and international awards. Capilano Honey has highest certifications for safety, which are maintained thanks to pristine production facilities, highly experienced and long serving staff and Capilano’s state of the art honey laboratory SciTest – the only one of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

Our Bee

As Australia’s favourite honey brand we have been producing honey for over 65 years. It goes without saying that we love our honey bees. We believe it’s our responsibility to respect the health of our planet by protecting these wonderful tiny workers that do so much for us. Because it’s not us that makes honey, it’s our bees.

Capilano passionately cares about our bees, beekeepers and mother nature. That’s why we have chosen to put the honey bee at the heart of our brandmark. Affectionately named Phoebee, our little mascot is an ambassador for honey bees and the wellbeing of our planet. 

Our History

In 2003 we celebrated 50 years of providing Australia with 100% pure and natural Australian honey from our network of over 600 beekeeping families. A huge thank you goes out to our loyal beekeepers, staff and supportive customers for making this all possible.

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