Creamed & Pot Set Honey

What is creamed honey?

When regular honey crystallises, the crystals can have a gritty or crunchy feel in the mouth. By creaming honey through a churning process, we create a smoother consistency within the honey’s crystalline state.

Our creamed honey is super thick and creamy in texture. The smooth consistency makes it perfect for spreading on your toast – our favourite way to start the day!

What is pot set honey?

Pot set honey is the same as creamed honey, but it comes in a conveniently sized pack – perfect for frequent travellers or anyone who just loves having delicious honey ready at all times (you never know when the next craving will hit!).

This velvety smooth and soft honey allows you to enjoy your toast or crumpets without drips or mess.

Our range of Creamed and Pot Set Honey

Enjoy our 100% pure, Australian made creamed and pot set honey, created from premium combinations of native eucalyptus and ground flora honeys.

We don’t add anything to our creamed and pot set honey – because we just don’t need to! It’s simply your favourite premium Capilano honey, gently whipped and set in a cold room for a thick and smooth consistency. So you get that same honey taste you love in a super spreadable finish with no drips or mess!

Creamed and Pot Set Honey nutritional information

Avg QuantityPer ServePer 100g
Fat - Total0g0g
- Saturated0g0g
- Trans0g0g
- Sugars*12.4g82.5g

*Sugars naturally occurring in honey.

Ingredients: 100% pure Australian honey sourced from Eucalypt and ground flora.
Storage instructions: Store below 25°C.

Where to buy Capilano Creamed and Pot Set Honey

  • Woolworths
  • Coles
  • IGA
  • And more

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