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What are the different types of honey?

The taste of each honey is unique – like sticky and sweet fingerprints, no two are exactly alike! It all depends on which flowers the bees have visited and collected nectar from.

And when enough nectar is sourced from just one species of flower, the resulting honey has a very distinct flavour.

Our premium floral honeys each offer a delicious flavour born from Australia’s diverse flora and sourced from our network of over 600 beekeeping families. Each type of honey is sourced from select regions across Australia, with some only harvested once a season. Now that’s premium!

We're proud to offer the following varieties... 

Yellow Box Honey

Australia's premier honey. This delicately smooth, single origin honey is produced from bees that have foraged Yellow Box trees that stand proudly across the eastern plains and tablelands from western Victoria, New South Wales to south-central Queensland. Taste... a beautifully flavoured, buttery honey that is dense and smooth with a delightful fresh aroma and a pleasant lingering aftertaste. Enjoy... our pure Yellow Box honey as a premium breakfast honey or the perfect choice for lamb or poultry recipes.

Manuka Floral Honey

Specially packed for those who love the dark flavour of Manuka but don't require the honey to be 'bioactive'. Taste... a strong, rich and complex flavour of barley sugar and herbs with a medium aroma and density. Enjoy... our Manuka floral honey in hot drinks or marinades.

We also offer a range of raw, unfiltered single variety honeys...

Raw Honey

Raw and unfiltered, the following premium single variety honeys naturally contain pollen and fine honeycomb particles, just as nature intended.

River Red Gum Honey

Along the Murray River system creeks and billabongs grow one of Australia’s most prolific eucalyptus, the majestic River Red Gum. Taste... a rich, golden eucalyptus honey, with a bold flavour and pleasing caramel aftertaste. Enjoy... this southern Australian favourite; River Red Gum raw honey is great in baking.

Orange Blossom Honey

This unique raw honey comes from hives nestled amongst the fertile orange groves in the Riverina and Riverland regions of Southern Australia. Taste... Lightly scented, straw coloured with good density, Orange Blossom honey is a delight to the palate with just a hint of citrus. Enjoy... Orange Blossom honey as a perfect addition to cakes, scones and drizzled over ice cream.

What is ‘Raw Honey’

Raw honey has not been significantly heated or filtered after extracting from the hive. Honey naturally contains vitamins and minerals including B vitamins, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc. It also contains antioxidants such as polyphenols, as well as enzymes and amino acids. The less you process honey the more likely you are to retain all this natural goodness.

How do you class your honey as 'raw'?

Our Raw & Unfiltered honey has only been strained to remove large particles of wax, and therefore retains all the natural goodness of honey including pollen. Packed with all the goodness naturally found in honey, all we’ve done is add a label. Raw & Unfiltered honey may look slightly cloudy and may crystallise over time.

How can you be sure these packing processes don’t ruin the raw honey?

There are a number of scientific studies that look at the effect that different honey processing and packing techniques can have on properties of honey. These studies look at the effect on sensory (aroma, colour and taste) and nutritional qualities of honey. The organic standard also specifies certain processing limitations in order to retain the quality of organic honey. While our raw and unfiltered honey is not organic, we have taken this information in conjunction with the findings of scientific studies, to inform our Raw & Unfiltered packing process. This way we can be sure that our minimal packing process ensures we retain as much of our raw honey’s inherent goodness as possible.

Our range of Premium Floral Honeys

Capilano’s Premium Floral Honeys are 100% pure and Australian. Choose your favourite from the selection, or try them all. Due to seasonality, some of the premium range may not be available. All Capilano PET packaging BPA-free. Our Raw and Unfiltered products are packed carefully in glass. 

Premium Floral Honey nutritional information

Avg QuantityPer ServePer 100g
Fat - Total0g0g
- Saturated0g0g
- Trans0g0g
- Sugars*12.4g82.5g

*Sugars naturally occurring in honey.


River Red Gum – Raw and unfiltered 100% pure Australian honey sourced from bees that have foraged River Red Gums.

Orange Blossom  Raw and unfiltered 100% pure Australian honey sourced from bees that have foraged orange blossoms. 

Yellow Box – 100% pure Australian honey sourced from bees that have foraged Yellow Box trees across eastern Australia.

Manuka - 100% pure Australian honey from bees that have foraged on Manuka bushes. 

Storage instructions: Store at room temperature.

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