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Capilano Bush, Coastal and Outback Honey

We’ve sourced pure, unadulterated honey from across Australia’s outback, native bushlands, and pristine coasts to create a trio of rich caramel honeys that showcase the untouched beauty of the natural Aussie landscape.

Scroll on to explore the unique flavour profiles of our Bush, Coastal, and Outback Honey, exploring new recipes to pair them with as you embark on an Aussie flavour road trip.



Aussie Bush Honey

Comfort at its finest! Our Aussie Bush Honey is naturally buttery, silky and bold.

Fruity and floral!

 The fruity, floral notes of Capilano Bush Honey will linger in the perfect honey and vanilla milkshake, and it will sit deliciously atop a stack of banana pancakes or waffles.

Pikelets with Honey-Poached Pears and Cream

What could be sweeter than bite-sized pikelets topped with poached pears, cream and Capilano Aussie Bush Honey?

Find the recipe here

Aussie Coastal Honey

Lingering sweetness. Our Aussie Coastal Honey is uniquely sweet, and a little savoury.

Lingering, and gently caramel

The unique salty-savoury notes of our Coastal Honey make it ideal with cheese – from grazing platters to honeyed haloumi or even a wattleseed damper!

Self-Saucing Butterscotch Honey Pudding

Dreamy butterscotch made with Aussie Coastal Honey adds a light caramel flavour to this self-saucing pudding. 

Find the recipe here

Aussie Outback Honey

A rich, caramel taste. Our Aussie Outback Honey is fruity and smooth.

Robust and fruity

Enjoy the robust and fruity flavour of Capilano Outback Honey in your cooking, or craft a distinct honey-flavoured treat in sweet recipes like a honey macadamia caramel slice or vanilla custard slice.

Wattleseed Honey Damper

Spread with soft creamy butter and lashings of Capilano Aussie Outback Honey for a lightly sweet and salty breakfast.

Find the recipe here

To celebrate the launch, we’ve created a flavour-packed book filled with true-blue recipes for the whole family.

Free eBook – Aussie Sweets

Whether you’re prepping for picnics in the park, packing up the car for a summer road trip, or making your grocery list for your next barbecue, we have all the recipes to make any event taste quintessentially Australian.

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