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The Ultimate Gift: Capilano Honeycomb Frame

There is no greater joy than being presented with a food-filled feast, especially when milestones and special occasions are involved.
Need a gift idea for someone who loves to treat and entertain? Indulge them with a Yellow Box Honeycomb frame!


It’s a statement addition to a grazing board, a lovely way to dress up hors d’oeuvres, perfect for decorating baking masterpieces, delicious atop warm baked brie, and even tasty by the mouthful.
From parties to weddings and any special occasions in between, a luxurious honeycomb frame will always be a welcome addition to any table top.

Here are 10 inspiring ways for them to enjoy it, along with a range of ideas to make the ultimate gift.



The main event on a grazing board

Whether it’s for a small get-together with friends or a large celebration for a special milestone - honeycomb will elevate a grazing board and impress guests with each bite. Bursting with sweet flavour - it pairs perfectly with everything from fruit and crackers, to meats and cheese.

Gift idea: Bridal Shower Gift Pack 

A classy wedding centrepiece

Bring texture and decadence to a reception dinner with a sweet, gooey honeycomb frame. Decorative and delicious - it makes a glistening, and elegant addition to a food-filled centrepiece.

Gift idea: Big Day Ready 

Atop the fanciest hors d'oeuvres

Create hors d'oeuvres guests will never turn away. Use a crusty baguette as the base, and then add smooth olive oil, your favourite dip, cheese, gherkins and sweet honeycomb.

Gift idea: Serving up with Flavour!

As photo-worthy baking decoration

Glistening, golden honeycomb is a quick way to make homemade pavlovas or cakes look photo-worthy. Simply break up the sweet honeycomb frame and stack pieces atop sweet creations, then all that's left to do is enjoy the “oohs and ahhs” as the masterpiece is presented.

Gift idea: Let’s Bake! 

Coated with chocolate

Keep it simple. Pamper them with the rich fusion of smooth melted chocolate over crunchy golden honeycomb. This divine dessert feels like biting into a sweet gourmet chocolate bar. Moreish and oh-so-delicious!

Gift idea: A Choc-Lovers Delight

As the perfect match for cheese!

Warm, creamy baked brie topped with floral golden honeycomb - this sweet and salty combo will have any cheese-lover drooling. Top the warm cheese with figs or dates for extra sweetness, or bring it to life with fragrant handfuls of rosemary and thyme.

Gift idea: Cheesy Goodness! 
  • A jar of local marmalade or quince paste 
  • Matching colourful ramekins (to bake the cheese)
  • Yellow Box Honeycomb frame
  • A wheel of double-cream brie

A garnish for cocktails

Why should the foodies have all the fun? Help them spice up happy hour with a garnish of honeycomb on summer cocktails.

Gift idea: Happy Hour Gift Pack 
  • Brightly coloured cocktail glasses 
  • Slices of dried citrus (to add a twang)
  • Yellow Box Honeycomb frame
  • A bottle of their favourite liquor 

Need some drink-spiration? Click here for our Capilano Guide to Summer Cocktails

With pancakes or waffles

Breakfast can be an event in itself! Bring sweet texture to a morning stack using pieces of fresh Yellowbox honeycomb that pour out sweet honey in every bite. Swap out the store-bought honeycomb for the fresh version in this winning recipe for Golden Pancakes with Caramelised Bananas.

Gift idea: Breakfast in Bed 

On its own

No special occasion? No worries! Treat yourself to the sweet bliss of equally chewy and runny honey - the taste is always worth the sticky fingers.


Direct from our beekeepers to you, this limited edition frame of pure Yellow Box Honeycomb is the ultimate way to enjoy one of Australia’s most premium honey varietals.

Our Yellow Box Honey comes from Aussie bees that have foraged the flowers of the native Eucalyptus melliodora. The flavour is delicate, fragrant and luxurious.

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