Capilano Low GI Honey 250g



– 100% Pure Australian Honey –

Certified by the Glycemic Index Foundation, Capilano Low GI Honey is a specialised blend of Australian eucalypt honeys imparting a light, floral taste for your everyday sweetening needs.
Sustained Energy
The natural sugar profile of this 100% Australian honey influences the way it is digested in the body, and its GI rating. Low GI 42 delivers slower energy release.
  • 100% Pure Australian Honey
  • Made by Aussie bees
  • Hand harvested by Aussie beekeepers
  • Endorsed by Glycemic Index Foundation
  • Low GI – 42
  • Light, floral taste
  • Ideal for tea, coffee, smoothies, cereal and toast
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Capilano Bee