Capilano Yellowbox Honeycomb Frame 1.6kg



–  Perfect for parties, events and more! –

Direct from our beekeepers to you, this limited edition frame of pure Yellow Box Honeycomb is the ultimate way to enjoy one of Australia’s most premium honey varietals.
You’ll also steal the show with one impressive cheese platter featuring this beauty!

Our Yellow Box Honey comes from Aussie bees that have foraged the flowers of the native Eucalyptus melliodora. The flavour is delicate, fragrant and luxurious.

Created by our bees this spring, we have been patiently waiting for them to finish capping these frames so that we could hand-pack them into custom-made stands for your table top.

Enjoy With:

  • Cheese /charcuterie platters
  • Pavlova
  • Dessert stations
  • Cut into wedges for canapes
  •  Tea, coffee or drinks or even cocktails
  • On pancakes, crumpets or waffles

We hope you enjoy this very special honeycomb.
Our beekeepers and their bees have lovingly crafted this for your celebrations!


*Source: CSIRO: Issue 215 Agriculture Biosecurity, January 2016

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