Pure Honey Easy Pour Pouch 700g


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Western Australia.

Ever been mid-bake and stuck trying to squeeze the last drops of honey out of the bottle? Capilano is here to save you time and effort with our new Pure Honey Easy Pour Pouch!

Easy to squeeze, pour and even refill your favourite honey jar, our NEW Capilano Easy Pour Pouch is the most anticipated launch of the year. Even better, it uses 60% less plastic than regular Capilano 500g upside down squeeze packs and is 100% recyclable with RedCycle.

Filled with the brim with the iconic Capilano taste of 100% pure Australian honey that Aussies have grown up with for generations, our 700g Easy Pour Pouch makes cooking and baking with honey easier than ever before – simply pour!

Baking with Capilano Honey has never been easier!

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