Is Capilano Honey pasteurised?

Pasteurised products are those such as milk, whereby the product is held at a relatively high temperature for a set period of time, as a means of killing common bacteria. However, honey is actually quite antibacterial in its natural state and does not support bacterial growth as a result of its high concentration of sugars, low moisture and low acidity or pH.

As a consequence, the heating of honey to high temperatures is unnecessary and hence honey is classified as unpasteurised.

We gently warm our honey for the ease of processing and pumping through our honey lines to remove debris. If you have ever put honey in the fridge or tried spreading it cold, you would know that cold honey is hard and solid. So by gently warming our honey it is easier to pass through our filters (simply to ensure that there is nothing in the honey like bits of bees wax or any other hive materials) and then pack, while retaining all of the honey's natural goodness.

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