Australian Manuka Honey Can Fight Superbugs


Capilano honey are proud to have co-funded the recent research which has confirmed Australian produced Manuka honey can be just as powerful as Manuka from New Zealand. In fact, some concentrations of the honey demonstrate even higher potencies than our NZ cousins.

Manuka honey is derived from the Leptospermum tree that is native to Australia and New Zealand and the indigenous people from both lands have been using Manuka in their traditional medicines for centuries.

In recent decades, laboratory studies have identified unique properties found only in some Leptospermum species in New Zealand and Australia. Following extensive research in Australia, New Zealand and other countries, the unique value of Manuka has been recognised worldwide, sparking keen interest in this special honey.

The most recent and successful study, led by Professor Elizabeth Harry, Dr Shona Blair and Dr Nural Cokcetin from the University of Technology, Sydney has uncovered just how special the Australian version of Manuka is.

As reported in the Sydney Morning Herald, by Marcus Strom, “Research by Nural Cokcetin at the University of Technology, Sydney, shows that more than 16 per cent of Australian Manuka-style honeys she tested were actually more potent than the Kiwi product.

The study shows that Australian honey produced by bees using the nectar from Leptospermum, or Manuka-type, plants can produce concentrations of methylglyoxal higher than two control samples of 'hospital-grade' New Zealand Manuka honey.”

Capilano is proud to fund a PhD student as part of this project, whilst also supporting the testing of honey samples that is confirming the regions of Leptospermum honey production in Australia and their associated antibacterial activity. Capilano has provided funding to allow the purchase of a new HPLC analytical instrument at the University of Sunshine Coast, this will provide needed support to allow broader honey research that will benefit the whole honey industry.

Capilano are pleased to be able to offer a full range of 100% Australian Active Manuka Honey, in a range of activity levels.

You can find the full research paper here.

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