Capilano Goes Solar In Victoria


Since the start of this year we've been buzzing with excitement over revealing our plans to convert Capilano's Maryborough packing plant in Victoria to Solar Power.

After much planning, preparation and construction, we are thrilled to announce our Maryborough Solar Power System has officially been switched ON and is already saving 20% in energy! What a bee-rilliant way to celebrate World Environment Day!

The fit-out took 15 days and 12 people to install the 350 panels, and we anticipate the system will save 44.9% of the site's carbon based energy usage over 12 months. This means we will effectively reduce our carbon gas emissions by 56 tonnes by mid 2019, which is the equivalent to 221,000 kilometres driven by an average car (that's close to six trips around the earth!).

With our Western Australian packing plant also utilising solar power and this latest installation in Victoria, we are a step closer towards ‘carbon neutral honey’.

Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do, from manufacturing our own PET BPA-FREE bottles within the Australian Packaging Covenant, producing recyclable products as well as practicing award-winning waste, water and energy management.

Future expansion in solar power for our Brisbane packing plant is also on the horizon, as we strive to uphold our commitment to promote a clean, green environment and ensure a sustainable future for Australia’s honey supply, a healthy bee population and thriving ecosystem. Stay tuned!

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