Capilano Staff Trek Into 2017


This Friday our brave Safety Consultant, Eddie, will be embarking on a quest to climb the world’s highest free standing mountain, Mt Kilimanjaro.

While this might seem raving bonkers (self-proclaimed in his English accent), Eddie isn’t just scaling the gigantic rock for a laugh. At the foothills of the mountain is a children’s home that is a part of the Uchira Children’s Fund which runs a range of projects to help disadvantaged children, as well as environmental initiatives.

Upon learning their finances have been drying up, Eddie began raising funds to try help the home, as they rely heavily on donated funds to care for sick children, afford food supplies and provide education, as well as run environmental improvement projects.

Eddie says, “I have been drawn to this place to conquer a lifetime challenge. But to be able to help disadvantaged children at the same time is quite simply, awesome. In the proper sense of the word!”

However, Eddie isn’t hanging up the hiking boots after conquering Kilimanjaro… in July he and three others from the Capilano team, Ralph, Kevin and Jade, are facing another huge challenge to raise funds for the Kokoda Youth foundation.

The team are taking on the 96km Kokoda Challenge trek through the winding tracks of the Gold Coast hinterland, complete with a 5,000m climb/descend and 13 checkpoints to get through, phew! We’re very proud of the crew to be braving one of the toughest team endurance events in Australia. Training for the event is well underway and everyone at Capilano Honey wish Eddie, Ralph, Kevin and Jade the best of luck.

Donations for Eddie’s cause can be made here and for the Capilano Kokoda Team visit their Go Fund Me page.

Stay tuned to hear more about Eddie and the team’s progress throughout 2017.

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