How To Cook The Best Honey Ham


The best Christmas ham deserves the best Australian honey - delicious and pure Capilano. But cooking the best Christmas ham can bee a little bit tricky, so here are some great tips to make sure your Honey Ham has everyone swarming around the dining table this holiday season.

1. Select the right ham 

Along with your local butchers, you’ll also find a convenient range of high quality Christmas Hams at Coles and Woolies. You can find a list of Australia's best hams from the recent 'PorkMark Ham Awards' here

Choose an Aussie ham with the bone in, as this makes the meat more flavoursome. Even better, once you’re finished with the ham the hambone can be wrapped and popped in the freezer to be repurposed later in soups and stews. 

When choosing your ham, ensure you check the ingredients and be wary of high water content, starches or flours to ensure you're getting 100% ham.  

2. Don’t glaze the ham too early 

According to The Kitchn, heat the ham covered first until it's around 50°C (have the thermometer at the ready to check), then kick the oven up to high (220°C). Brush the ham with the glaze and bake for about 10 minutes. Glaze again, then broil until the outside is caramelised and the skin crisps (watch out for burning though!).

3.  Remember, honey burns easy 

Honey lends a lovely golden tone to cooking and baking. However, if left unsupervised, it can burn and blacken the food. While the glaze is caramelising ensure you are attentive and check it, even in between glazing!  

4.  Glaze with Australian honey 

Capilano Honey has been a staple in Aussie homes since 1953. Our premium Classic Honey is a symphony of 100% pure Australian eucalyptus and ground flora honeys. Mild in flavour, this honey makes a beeautiful Honey Ham glaze!

5. Get creative

Try accompanying our honey with either citrus, soy, garlic or (our favourite) mustard to take your Honey Ham to the next level. Looking for the best honey ham recipe for this Christmas lunch that isn’t too much fuss? We think our Capilano Honey Mustard Ham is a real winner! Check out the video below and see just how easy it is. 

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