Why does my honey look crystallised, cloudy or hard?

Ever come across honey in your pantry that with time, has become crystallised, cloudy or hard? Read on to discover what causes this completely natural occurrence and how to return your honey to its liquid state.

Why does my honey turn hard?

When honey turns from liquid to a semi-solid or hard state, it is the natural sugars in the honey crystallising.

What causes honey to go hard?

The floral source, consistently cool temperatures (e.g. winter), and age of the honey can impact this completely natural process.

So, how can I make my honey liquid again?

The good news is that it’s very easy to return your honey back to its liquid state! Simply stand your closed jar/squeeze pack of honey in a bowl of warm (not boiling) water for 20-30 minutes to encourage the honey to liquify again. Gently mix the honey to encourage this process and repeat until complete.

Try not to microwave your honey

We recommend that you do not microwave your honey as you may overheat and cook the honey, destroying its natural enzymes and micronutrients.

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