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Christmas Glazed Ham Recipe Wrap-Up

Looking for delicious ham glaze recipes made with pantry staples?

Read on for variations of your favourite Christmas tradition. From sweet, spicy, savoury & fruity, we’ve round up our top ham glaze recipes to complete your festive feast.

Apple Cider Glaze

When you think glazed ham, this is probably the recipe that comes to mind. Wholegrain mustard adds the spicy and sweet elements that pair flawlessly with ham, while dry apple cider and apple cider vinegar mixed with cloves bring in the festive flavour. Tied together with Capilano Honey and bay leaves to make the perfect finishing touch to your feast.


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Sticky Ginger Glaze

Spicy, sweet, and ideal for the veggies too. This sticky glaze can be easily altered to suit your liking. So if you’re a family of hot-chilli lovers, garlic aficionado’s or sweet-tooth’s, you can mix this glaze to perfection.


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Spiced Honey and Orange Glaze

It doesn’t get much more festive than this! The smell of roasted cinnamon mixed with ginger, orange and honey will remind you of Christmas markets and precious memories on the big day. It’s an extra-special twist on the classic.


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Honey Mustard Glaze

A year-on-year classic. Dijon mustard adds a familiar flavour to this quick and easy glaze. The taste of Pure Capilano Honey adds the sweetness every honey ham deserves.

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A time-honoured tradition. The Honey-Glazed Christmas Ham is a hallmark of an Aussie festive season.
In celebration of that person who lovingly creates the Christmas feast each year, we hope you enjoy.
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