What would our meals look like without bees?

Did you know that one in three mouthfuls of food that we eat has been made thanks to pollinators including bees? Read on to discover what your favorite mealtimes would look like with and without bees.


How would breakfast look in a world without bees?

Without bees, we would not be able to enjoy avocado on toast as often. Our porridge and cereals would be less fun and exciting with no more berries, almonds, or macadamias to add flavor and texture.

Our fruit salads would be more limited, with so many fruits that rely on bees for pollination. Coffee would be harder to come by and more expensive than it is now, and sadly would not taste as good either.

Milk and yogurt would also be impacted, as the farm animals needed to produce these feed on fodder such as lucerne that rely on bees for pollination.


How would lunch look in a world without bees?

Lunchboxes would be very sad without all of the fresh fruits and vegetables that rely on bees for pollination.

It would be harder for us to find delicious, good-quality foods like tomatoes, carrots, or cucumbers. There would be no more apples or pears for us to crunch into for those midday meals, and no more refreshing glasses of apple juice to sip on either.

Finally, the quality and quantity of our favorite cheese cubes would diminish as a result of no more bees pollinating the fodder our farm animals graze on.


How would dinner look in a world without bees?

Our dinner time would not be the same without our precious bees. We would have to say goodbye to delicious pumpkins which rely heavily on the hard work of bees. There would be less zucchini, capsicum and cucumber for us to enjoy, and they wouldn’t taste or look as nice either.

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*AgriFutures Honey Bee & Pollination. 2020. The Extraordinary Honey Bee and Its Impact on the Food We Eat. Publication No. 20-084, AgriFutures Australia.

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