Types of Bees in Australia

Ever wondered what the difference is between a honey bee and a native bee?
Read on to discover a few of the bee types we have in Australia, home to more than 1,500 native bee species.

Australia, the land of surf, sunshine and native bees!

Globally there are approximately 20,000 different types of bees, and in Australia we are lucky to have over 1,500 native bee species in a range of shapes and sizes. Our bees are critical to the sustainability of our food supply, with an astonishing one third of Australian food dependent on honey bee pollination.

From almonds to avocados, pumpkins and berries, bees are vital for the pollination and production of many of our favourite foods! You can learn more about this here.




What is the difference between native bees and honey bees?

We’re so glad you asked. Australian native bees can be solitary or social bees, while honey bees live together in a nest or hive. Honey bees are generally stronger pollinators, but the smaller native bees can access smaller flowers and also play an important role in pollination. Let’s look at their unique characteristics a bit further:

Where can I learn more about honey bees and native bees?

There is a wealth of information for you to discover about bees. Why not download our Buzz About Bees free ebook now, or browse Aussie Bee for their detailed information about Australian Native bees.

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