Our Honey

It’s what we don’t do that makes our honey, Australia’s favourite honey.
Our honey is unchanged, unspoilt, unadulterated – completely natural, beekeeper-sourced, pure Australian honey.

To bring you this world-class nutritious honey, our beekeepers spend long hours driving between apiary sites, checking hives and collecting honey-filled combs, to give their bees the best in-season flowers to forage upon. All Capilano beekeepers produce, extract and store their honey in compliance with our audited quality assurance program. And our process isn’t complete without regularly testing our honey for utmost purity. We only bring 100% pure Australian honey to you.

Pristine floral diversity

Australia’s sun-drenched, rugged country has floral diversity - unmatched anywhere else on earth - perfect for happy, healthy bees. To support the nutritional requirements of the colony, Capilano beekeepers move the hives to various naturally rich and diverse environments. This allows bees to forage on a range of flora, with much of our honey supply coming from the Eucalypt tree varieties.

Hive-ripened and hand harvested

All Capilano sourced honey is naturally dried by the bees and ripened in the hives. Once ready, the honey is collected by hand, carefully extracted from the frames and sent to Capilano where we quality test and pack the honey.

From the world’s healthiest honey bees*

Capilano honey is rich in flavour thanks to our bees - arguably the healthiest in the world. Australia is largely free from major pests and diseases seen in other bee populations around the globe, so our bees produce full flavoured honey with natural enzymes, trace minerals and vitamins. *Source: CSIRO, Issue 215 Agriculture, Biosecurity, January 2016

Master Blended for Taste

Our iconic pure Australian honey has been expertly blended by our master honey blender for more than 40 years. He takes our incredible Australian native honeys and crafts our signature blend.

We test, test, test and test again. To bring you Australia’s purest honey.

BPA free packaging

Packaging for Capilano honey is BPA free and we’re signatories to the Australian Packaging Covenant plan, which aims to reduce the impact of packaging on the environment.

State-of-the-art testing

We test, test, test and test again. To create Australia’s purest honey, we test for colour, moisture, flavour, pesticides, antibiotics, adulterants and other residues. Our honey is verified 100% pure by independent, world-leading laboratories. It’s also tested for microbial and chemical residues through our SciTest lab, a state-of-the-art laboratory commissioned by Capilano - the only one of its kind in Australasia. Working with Government, regulatory bodies, and commercial laboratories, SciTest ensures accuracy and maintains best practice compliance for our analytical methods in testing honey.

For our generation and the next

We’re 100% committed to a sustainable apiculture industry and the next generation of beekeepers – Australia depends on it. Without Aussie beekeepers and their bees, our food supply and natural environment would be severely impacted. We’re leading our industry towards sustainability by nurturing the next generation of beekeepers, investing in critical scientific research, and sharing our knowledge of evolving beekeeping and business practices.

Our Native Floral Honey

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