Our Awards

From Australia’s Most Trusted Honey Brand to Sydney and Perth Royal Show awards, we’re extremely grateful for years of recognition in our quest to bring you the purest, best tasting Aussie honey.

Read on to discover some of our sweetest award highlights.

2022 Sydney Royal Easter Show Awards

We’ve had a wonderful year of receiving the best tasting pure, fresh honey from our Aussie beekeepers, and are proud to announce that in 2022, Capilano Floral Manuka received Champion honey of the show!

Gold and Champion of the Show

  • Capilano Floral Manuka


  • Capilano Pure Honey
  • Capilano Yellow Box Honey 
  • Capilano Dark & Bold Honey

Bronze Awards

  • Capilano Organic Raw Honey

2020 Sydney Royal Easter Show Awards

It was the highlight of the year to receive top recognition for our premium floral honeys in the 2019 Sydney Royal Easter Show Honey Awards. These include:

Commercial Exhibitor Award (stand display)

  • Capilano Honey

Bronze Medal

  • Capilano Raw Unfiltered Orange Blossom Honey
  • Capilano Raw Unfiltered River Red Gum Honey
  • Capilano Dark & Bold Honey
  • Capilano Premium Floral Manuka Honey
  • Capilano Creamed Honey


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