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Why does my honey look crystallised, cloudy or hard?

Ever come across honey in your pantry that with time, has become crystallised, cloudy or hard? Read on to discover what causes this completely natural occurrence and how to return your honey to its liquid state.

What sugars is honey made up of?

What makes honey taste so naturally, and delightfully sweet? Read on to discover!

What is the nutritional value of honey?

Most of us have honey in our homes, but you may think it belongs in the pantry rather than in the medicine cabinet! While honey has been used for centuries as a beauty product and medicine, today people are still turning to active honey for its health benefits.

Is honey healthier than sugar?

While honey and table sugar are both technically sugars, honey’s unique properties, including a higher sweetness level and trace minerals and enzymes make it a healthier choice. Read on to discover more!

How can I swap sugar to honey in recipes?

With a little kitchen know-how, it is very easy to use all-natural honey in place of sugar in your cooking and baking recipes. The easiest swap of all is in your cup of tea or coffee – give it a try sometime soon!

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