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4 Festive Honey Ham Glazes & Tips!

The undeniable hero of any festive feast is, of course, a beautifully succulent honey-glazed ham. If you’re attempting to make one for the first time this Christmas, or just love honey-ham as much as we do here in the Capilano kitchen, this recipe list is for YOU.
Slice it up and use it for ham-and-salad sandwiches with an extra drizzle of honey for days after, or incorporate it into brekky, lunch and dinner on the big day – a homemade honey glaze adds the magic that makes honey-glazed ham everyone’s favourite.


Read on for 4 quick-and-easy recipes you can whip up in a flash.

Honey Mustard Glaze

AUNTY PRU’S GO-TO (Our Capilano not-so-secret recipe). 

A family classic. Dijon mustard brings a subtly familiar kick, while honey and cloves add the Christmas flavour everyone is looking for. Sweet, reliable, and always delicious. 



Spiced Honey and Orange Glaze


Make it extra festive with this orange and cinnamon ham. Add in some ginger, orange and a big squeeze of honey and you’ll be instantly transported to festive markets spent stocking up on Christmas treats. 



Sticky Ginger Glaze


Ramp up the spice level if your family and friends can take it, this glaze is spicy, sweet, and ideal for veggies too. Alter it to your tastebuds and mix it to perfection, this fun glaze offers something different to the Christmas table.



Apple Cider Glaze


When you think glazed ham, this is probably the recipe that comes to mind. Wholegrain mustard adds the spicy and sweet elements that pair flawlessly with ham, while dry apple cider and apple cider vinegar mixed with cloves bring in the festive flavour. Tied together with Capilano Honey and bay leaves to make the perfect finishing touch to your feast.



Have a vegetarian or two at the table this year?

Don’t worry, there are plenty of quick and tasty ways to ensure they’re included in the spread!
From a dish of classic roasted veggies dripping in your favourite glaze, or glazing a roasted meat alternative from the supermarket, these recipes work for everyone.

1. Choose the right ham

This might sound obvious, but picking the right size for your family is key! Make sure you check if a whole leg will fit in your oven before you make your decision!

2. Glaze the ham ahead of time

Save yourself some time – especially if you’re planning on serving the ham cold anyway. Get it ready the day before, and you’ll have one less thing heating up the house on the big day.

3. Score the fat to soak up the flavour

The key to a good ham is letting in as much flavour as possible. Give the fat a good score and generously brush the ham with glaze, giving it the chance to soak in a little before you add more.

4. Keep it simple

A good glaze doesn’t need to be complicated. Sweet and slightly spicy will always taste delicious, let the mouthwatering flavour of the ham hock do the rest!

5.  Be generous with the glaze!

If you’ve nailed all the other tips, the only thing your guests can complain about is that they want more! Make some extra honey glaze to drizzle on carrots, leftover sandwiches, or if you have a honey-loving family like ours – over everything in sight!


Sticky, nostalgic and mouthwatering. The ham holds a special place in the hearts of so many Aussies.

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