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Australia at its Purest

For more than 65 years, Australia has been waking up with Capilano 100% pure Australian honey – deliciously drizzled on hot crumpets, toast and yoghurt…and lately, a little squeeze in your Capilano-cino, and a whole lot of exciting new recipes.

Unchanged. Unspoilt. Unadulterated. Completely natural, single-sourced, pure Australian honey.

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Aunty Pru's Capilano Christmas Ham


Aunty Pru’s Capilano Honey Mustard Glazed Ham

Aunty Pru’s Capilano Honey Mustard Glazed Ham… perfected a generation ago and loved even more now. Why not create this iconic recipe for your family this year!

  • Easy
  • 2 hours
Honey and Hazelnut Hasselback Pumpkin

Honey and Hazelnut Hasselback Pumpkin

Capilano Honey Gingerbread

Capilano Honey Gingerbread

Salted Honey Gingernut Cheesecake

Salted Honey Gingernut Cheesecake

The taste you know and love

Our iconic pure Australian honey has been expertly blended by our master honey blender for more 40 years. He takes our incredible Australian native honeys and crafts the honey you know and love.

Our Honey

100% Australian, 100% Capilano

Hive-ripened and hand harvested

It’s what we don’t do that makes our honey, Australia’s favourite honey. All Capilano honey is naturally dried by the bees and ripened in the hives. Once ready, the honey is collected by hand, carefully extracted from the frames and sent to Capilano where we quality test and pack the honey.


Pristine floral diversity

Australia’s sun-drenched, rugged country has floral diversity – unmatched anywhere else on earth - perfect for happy, healthy bees.

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For our generation and the next

We’re 100% committed to a sustainable apiculture industry and the next generation of beekeepers – Australia depends on it.

Our Honey

Generations of beekeeping

Beekeeping isn’t just a vocation, it’s a family tradition. Many of our Capilano honey beekeepers have passed their craft down to their children and grandchildren, who continue to supply their honey to us today.

Meet our Beekeepers

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