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Why is Manuka Honey so expensive?

Have you been hearing all the buzz around Manuka Honey lately? We're here to help answer a frequently asked question about our prized bioactive sweetener.

What’s the Difference Between Manuka Honey and Regular Honey?

Modern research has shown that Australian Manuka honey is many times more active than other types of honey.

The History of Australian Manuka

The word Manuka has a long history of use in Australia since European settlement, and has been used for naming places, property and of course the plant. We hope you enjoy learning the history of the word Manuka in Australia, dating back to 1880!

What is the Aussie Manuka ‘Mark of Authenticity’?

Discover what the AHMA Mark of Authenticity means. We are proud to display it on all Capilano Active Manuka Honey.

Manuka Honey Strength Guide

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between MGO, NPA and UMF? You aren’t alone! In this article we uncover the rating systems that help you to choose a top-quality, bioactive Manuka honey.

What are the health benefits of Manuka Honey?

Active Manuka Honey is today prized for its health supporting properties, and widely studied for its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and wound healing effects.

The Capilano Guide to Manuka Honey

Authentic Australian Manuka honey is one of nature’s sweetest superfoods and to us here at Capilano, a national treasure. Read on to discover what makes Aussie Manuka honey unique and a much revered (and researched!) ingredient to support everyday health.

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