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Sweet and savoury toast – 3 ways to make it better with honey!

Honey on toast just got even better.  These 3 quick, easy and delicious recipes combine the sweetness of Capilano honey with classic flavours you know and love (plus some exciting new twists too).
Try zesty lemon and ricotta on sourdough, avocado cream cheese bagels, and decadent banana peanut butter on a café-style loaf.
The only question now is, which will you try first?

Zesty lemon, basil and ricotta sourdough

Think fresh, zingy and a little bit sweet. Whether you’re after an awakening breakfast or midday pick-me-up, this pairing of refreshing ricotta and lemon, spicy chilli, herbs, and a sweet golden honey has it all.
Added to the top of a soft sourdough slice for good measure.


Honey toasted cream cheese and avocado bagels

Sweet, dripping honey cuts through rich cream cheese and decadent avocado, while fresh spinach and pine nuts add delicious crunch and texture. This medley of flavour is an easy way to impress at a bubbly brunch, but works on your plate for breakfast just as well.


Spiced banana peanut butter toast 

Bring the café home with these warm, sweet and aromatic toppings. Golden Capilano honey oozes through layers of rich peanut butter, creamy banana, and comforting spices – making a moreish mixture. One bite, and you’ll never make banana on toast the old way again.


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