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11 Camping Food Recipes

Camping season is officially here, and it’s time to get out into the great outdoors! Where better than Australia, home to some of the most beautiful beaches, rugged landscapes, untouched rainforests and the tastiest vegetables, fruit, and honey in the world!


For Aussies, many of our core childhood memories are made during camping season. The time dad forgot to pack the lunches, the one gusty summer’s breeze that nearly whipped your tent right off the ground, or the many hours spent perfecting your damper recipe and roasting marshmallows on the campfire. Whatever brings back that camping feeling for you, there’s something so magical about taking time to appreciate the great outdoors in all its glory. 

There are few things more Aussie than cooking up a feast at the campsite after a long day of canoeing, hiking or boogie boarding. So to celebrate old traditions, and plan new ones, we’ve put together some of our favourite family-friendly camping recipes, along with some quick and easy prep-ahead tips!

1. Capilano Peanut Banana Jaffle

No camping trip is complete without a jaffle, they’re a classic! Here’s a sweet take on a crowd-pleasing recipe that’s been passed down through generations. Looking for a brekky that will please the whole family? This one’s a winner in everyone’s books.

*Credit: Australian Bananas 


Campers Tip: Butter the outside of the bread for a golden crispy finish and to stop the bread sticking.

2. Honey Cheese Toastie

With every new camping trip comes new traditions, so it’s time to upgrade your cheese sandwich. With layers of oozy melted cheese contrasted with sweet rich honey, this is an easy one to make, yet is sure to impress every single time.

*Credit: Chris Cosentino for Food&Wine 

3. Honey Damper Sticks

A new take on the tradition, try honey-filled damper sticks for a single serving of fluffy, crispy goodness. Simply roast over the campfire, fill and enjoy.

A great activity for entertaining the kids!

4. Honey Beef Stew

Got some leftover veg in the esky? Throw it all into this anything-goes honey beef stew. Made with sweet honey to cut-through any acidity and bring this mouth-watering one-pot wonder together in harmony. This recipe works as a filling warm bowl for dinner, and an even more delicious sandwich lunch the next day too.


Campers Tip: Use some damper to mop up the sweet and fragrant sauce.

5. Feta, Thyme, Honey Loaded Garlic Loaf

File this one under glamping because it’s a seriously impressive dish. A crispy loaf of garlicky goodness loaded with goat’s cheese and sweet honey, the team knocked it out of the park with this one! Who says you can’t camp in style?  

*Credit: Kim Coverdale for


Campers Tip: Bring your stale bread from home and pre-make the honey mix before you go!

6. Pineapple Chicken Kebabs

Juicy, sweet and campfire-roasted. Take advantage of Australia’s finest produce with this easy-to-make kebab recipe. Just the smell of this sweet-savoury honey topped recipe will have drooling campers stopping by your campsite to ask what’s on the menu.  


Campers Tip: If using wooden skewers, remember to soak them in water so they don’t catch on fire.

7. One-Pot Chilli Mac

Everyone’s most cherished pasta dish meets a Mexican favourite. Cook it all up in one pot for an easy clean-up. High in protein, naturally sweet, and your new go-to camping meal.

This meal wouldn’t be complete without a drizzle of honey! Balance out the spicy salty flavours with a generous squeeze of nature’s best sweetener. It’s the perfect accompaniment to any Mexican dish.

8. Apple Crumble

Cracking the crispy, buttery sweet goodness to reveal delicately cooked apples and cinnamon, now that’s a memory you won’t forget. Australian fruit, Australian honey, this recipe really is a little slice of heaven.  


Campers Tip: Premix the crumble and keep stored in the Esky/fridge for up to 3 days.

9. Prep-Ahead Pikelets

There’s nothing better than waking up with the sunrise on a camping trip but sometimes those early mornings require some quick start breakfast hacks. Prep these pikelets at home and keep them in the Esky/fridge for up to 3 days for an on-the-go breakfast. Top them with your favourite fruit or other spreads (personally, we’re team honey of course!).


Campers Tip: Make your own honeycomb caramel on the fire for a decadent addition.


10. Giant Banana Biscuit

When the bike rides and hikes are getting exhausting, slow down for an afternoon with some camp-side baking. Keep the kids entertained with this fun to make (and even more fun to decorate) recipe.

*Credit: Australian Bananas

Campers Tip: Try your own toppings, let’s get creative!


11. Skillet Blondies

Hiking, swimming, snorkelling, there are so many activities to keep you busy on a camping trip. Make these Grain-Free Honey-filled blondies on the first day and keep them in the Esky all-trip for a refined sugar-free snack on the go.

*Credit: Tessa for Salted Plains 


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