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5 Sweet & Easy School Holiday Activities

Need some inspiration to keep the little ones entertained during the school holidays?

Scroll down to discover 5 fun and easy activities, plus a FREE educational eBook to explore together.

1. Take a bee tour of your garden or local park

Our buzzing little friends are always out-and-about. Next time you’re on a sunny afternoon stroll, take a look at the native plants around you, and you might just find a very excited little honey bee inside!

2. Learn a new cooking skill

There are so many ways your kids can get involved in baking and creating. From learning the importance of measuring to hand-mixing and decorating, it’s fun no matter their age.

3. Try a honey tasting!

Have a few Capilano honey varieties at home? Close your eyes and see if you and your little ones can taste the difference, with notes varying from rich and caramel, to light and fruity – you might be surprised how unique each honey type can taste!

4. Plant some bee-friendly flowers

The best way to help our little honey-making friends is by planting flowers all year round! No matter where you live, bees are attracted to sunshine, colour and fresh water, so why not find some native flowers to plant in the garden, and keep them hydrated with a shallow fresh-water bath!?

5. Create a home cinema

Take some old sheets and wrap them around some chairs, securing them with pegs from the clothesline and finish with lots of pillows. There’s no better place for them to enjoy their homemade snacks than in their own private cinema! Complete the experience with some Honeyed Caramel Popcorn.

Download your free e-book!

Need more ideas? Discover the magical world of bees! Ideal for school projects, parents, teachers and honey lovers, this eBook is the perfect way to discover the wonderful world of bees, honey and pollination.
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