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Capilano-Cino 5 Ways

Picture this.. you and your family are huddled up by the campfire, a warm mug in your hand, surrounded by fresh air as you tell stories into the night. Tell us that didn’t bring back just a little nostalgia.


To help you feel all warm and fuzzy (whether you’re at home or out in the wilderness), we’ve curated 5 ways to enjoy your version of a Capilano-Cino. 

There’s a little something for everyone, whether you’re a traditionalist, a hot chocolate enthusiast, or in need of a health boost on a cold night, each of these warm-drink recipes feel like a cozy hug, Enjoy!

1. The Original Capilano-Cino

Have you heard of a Capilano-cino before? Our favourite drink is sweet, frothy and customisable to your tastebuds. Just add milk and honey to your favourite base (whether that be sticky Chai, Matcha, Coffee or something else) and it’s a Capilano-Cino, yum!


Campers Tip: Check out our Capilano Honey Marshmallow recipe for the perfect topping.

2. Homemade Sticky Chai

Sweet, fragrant, and a great alternative to coffee. Let the spices warm your belly while our rich Bioactive Manuka Honey energises your body for hiking, fishing and all-day activities.

Refined sugar free and container friendly, don’t forget this spicy-sweet mixture on your packing list.


Campers Tip: You can make this recipe in advance, store it in a jar and it will last the whole camping trip!

3. Manuka Turmeric Latte

This golden latte tastes like being snuggled up in a sleeping bag under the starry night sky. A healthy, light, and warming nutritious blend that’s sure to put a smile on even the most unhappy camper’s face.

Caffeine-free and perfect for the kids too, this sip is an easy way to keep the whole family energised on the trip!

4. Honey Hot Chocolate

When it comes to nostalgia, hot chocolate takes the cake. This twist on the famous classic is rich in flavour and refined sugar free!

5. Honey Matcha Latte

There’s a Matcha lover in every family. Swap the coffee for this flavour-filled green drink for an Insta-worthy wake-up. 

Haven’t tried Matcha yet? This is your sign, mellow and slightly nutty, when paired with a drizzle of Capilano Honey, you’ll crave a cup each morning.


Campers Tip: Halve the amount of Matcha for the little campers

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