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Easy Easter Cooking

Menu planning this Easter? Look no further than our favourite sides, salads and desserts made with the sweet taste of Capilano Honey. The anticipation of Easter begins early every year, the supermarket shelves fill with chocolate and the nostalgia of family memories begins to kick in, as well as the daunting thought of – “What to cook this year?” Keep reading for fresh inspiration! 

Main Course Easter Recipes

Slow Roasted Moroccan Lamb

Lamb is an Easter classic – why not become adventurous this Easter and replicate the feeling of a Moroccan Bazaar with this mouth-watering, slow roasted Moroccan Lamb.  The spice aromas will transport your family and friends to the exotic spirit of the souks, while you enjoy tender and succulent lamb with a pleasing zing of honey flavours. This is a five-step recipe, easy to make and will make for a memorable meal.  

Honey Thyme Roast Chicken

This gourmet style recipe elevates the traditional roast chicken and is guaranteed to have your loved ones coming back for seconds. Rich in flavour, the garlic scent ever so slightly accompanied by a delicate honey mustard vanilla sauce, enough to entice your senses into instant yearning for food. An easy recipe to follow, time efficient and full of flavour.  

Paprika Lime Glazed Salmon Side

The perfect Good Friday seafood recipe, tThis lime glazed salmon recipe has you covered.  Combining the freshness of salmon with sweet and tangy honeyed cucumber, using all feel good ingredients to avoid that post Easter sluggish feeling, keeping you energised – bonus, it’s delicious. 


Prep-ahead healthy sides and salads for Easter

Honeyed Bacon Roast Potato Salad

Spend less time cooking, and more time with loved ones this Easter. This honey glazed bacon roast potato salad is an easy and quick recipe that can be prepped and put aside for your next gathering. Combining roasted, creamy baby potatoes with crunchy honeyed bacon for the perfect “this is the best potato salad” moment. The mustard and chilli sauce over the golden potatoes creates a decadent taste, while the honey adds a sweet, delightful finish.  

Creamy Garlic Tahini Sauce 

A creamy and healthy garlic sauce to go with all Easter side dishes, yes please! This garlic tahini sauce is a time saver, it can be prepped and whipped out at a minute’s notice (especially great for those surprise guests making an appearance). This liquid gold combines creamy Greek yoghurt, Tahini, honey and lemon for the perfect melody of flavours. Leftover? Not to worry as this sauce can be stored in a jar or airtight container for 14 days, perfect for leftovers. 

Easter dessert ideas that don’t contain chocolate 

Capilano Honey Marshmallows

Ready to hit skip on the Easter sugar madness, while nurturing the sweet cravings? Try these soft and fluffy Capilano honey marshmallows. Easy to make and deliciously sweet, a hit with adults and children! Set aside only 20 minutes of your time for this recipe (12 servings) and impress with home made marshmallows.  

Give me some kids Easter baking ideas please…

Honey Bunny Cupcakes

Become the favourite adult in the family with these honey bunny cupcakes. Gather the kids together for a fun baking activity and make memories that last a lifetime. The zesty and fresh aromas of lemon accompanied by the sweet scent of vanilla will leave your home smelling delectable and entice everyone to a sweet treat (with the added benefit of looking like a professional cake decorator). 

I’m looking for gluten free, dairy free baking ideas!

One Bowl Wonder Brownies

In need of a delicious, yet better-for-them dessert recipe for Easter? Search no longer, this is IT!  

These one bowl wonder brownies use shredded sweet potatoes to create a chewy, moist brownie, while honey brings out the rich and sweet flavour of the fresh raspberries. A flavourful recipe that can be whipped up last minute – baking made easy!  



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