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Why Should I add Manuka Honey to Drinks instead of Sugar?

Manuka honey has been used by native Australian and Māori cultures for thousands of years and is now under increasing research by scientists across the world for incredible health properties. Modern research has shown that some honeys, like Australian Manuka honey, are many times more active than other types of ‘regular’ honey. You can learn more about the research into manuka honey for its antibacterial, wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties here.

Ready to feel a healthier buzz?

Here are some tasty drinks to try with Capilano Bioactive Manuka Honey:

Tea and Herbal Teas

Nothing soothes quite like a warm cup of tea. Add the bioactive benefits of manuka honey instead of regular sugar next time, and feel good about your sweet sip!

Coffee & Iced Drinks

The warm, caramel taste of Manuka honey is perfect added to coffee - whether that's an iced coffee, latte or espresso!

Smoothies & Juices

They're already brimming with goodness, why not make them even better with a spoonful or two of nature's sweet superfood- Manuka honey. The natural sweetness will make your smoothies and juices all the more enjoyable to sip daily!

Lemon Water

Looking for a new healthy habit to kickstart your day? Why not try this much-loved remedy - slices of fresh lemon, topped up with warm (or chilled) water, and a teaspoon of bioactive manuka honey. You'll feel hydrated and invigorated to take on the day ahead.

Indulgent Drinks

A little bit indulgent, and a little bit nice. A Manuka hot chocolate is a treat you can feel better about.

Chai or Matcha Lattes

Manuka honey is perfect with warm, earthy flavours such as Chai, Matcha, and even Turmeric lattes, creating drinks with superfood benefits and natural energy.

Digestifs or Cocktails

Whether you're a bit sniffly and in need of a lift, or planning a fun cocktail, Manuka honey is a worthy addition to a soothing hot toddy or fun bees knees cocktail.

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