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Looking for new ways to cook, bake and enjoy honey, nature’s sweet superfood? You’ve come to the right place.
Please enjoy our free recipe eBooks and school resources below.

Aussie Honey Masterclass

Meet Pete, our Master Honey Blender and embark on a taste adventure to discover the sweet, fruity, floral, buttery and woody tasting notes of the many honeys in the Capilano range.

The Little Book of Sauces & Marinades

Explore our mini Sauces and Marinades eBook. Filled with ways to drizzle, pour, dip, glaze and marinade with delicious honey in every meal.

A Very Capilano Christmas

Treat them to something naturally sweet this year! The Capilano kitchen has been busy creating this Christmas ebook filled with easy ways to make the sweet switch – swapping honey for sugar – in your sweet and savoury recipes.

Hive to Home – The Capilano Christmas Guide

Welcome to your Capilano Christmas eBook - Hive to Home... with homemade gift ideas, sweet and savoury festive recipes, and products to pop straight under the tree.

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