Looking for new ways to cook, bake and enjoy honey, nature’s sweet superfood? You’ve come to the right place.
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Sweet Superfood

Discover ways to include bioactive Manuka honey in your daily routine – from recipes to remedies and DIY beauty in our very sweet eBook.

Summer Honey Joy Recipes

Discover no-bake treats, healthier takes on baking classics and fun sweets that will fill those long hot summer days when made and enjoyed together.

A Very Capilano Christmas

Treat them to something naturally sweet this year! The Capilano kitchen has been busy creating this Christmas ebook filled with easy ways to make the sweet switch – swapping honey for sugar – in your sweet and savoury recipes.

Manuka Honey eBook

Manuka honey – one of nature’s sweetest superfoods. Discover how to harness the healing properties of this special honey in your everyday recipes and drinks.

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