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Breakfast in Bed Recipes

Looking for a relaxing lie-in? Nothing says comfort like breakfast in bed. Here are some of our favourite recipes, from quick and easy options to indulgent caramel pancakes. Just add a cup of tea!



Pancakes with Honeycomb Caramel & Banana

The honey caramel sauce is the main event on these prep-ahead pancakes – whether you use store-bought pancakes, shaker mix, or from scratch. Just add caramelised banana and crumbled honeycomb for a gourmet finishing touch.

Brown Butter Crumpet French Toast

For the honey and crumpets fan, we bring you French toast crumpets. A milky vanilla and honey batter is soaked up by the crumpets, and when pan-fried, brown butter gives them a golden, nutty taste. Finish with a generous drizzle of Capilano Honey and seasonal fruit.

Homemade Capilano Crumpets

Have you made crumpets from scratch before? This homemade version is easy and satisfying. Serve them with a generous squeeze of Capilano, and for the finishing touch – a hot cup of tea!

Cheesy Crumpet Soldiers with Honeyed Bacon & Eggs

Craving something savoury? This recipe boasts crispy, caramelized honey-roasted bacon, with creamy, melted cheese-grilled Golden Crumpets, and a drizzle of Capilano honey for a sweet-salty delight.
It’s a culinary experience with a touch of nostalgia, perfect for brekkie in bed.

Choc-Chip Honey Baked Oats

Chewy, cakey oats pair perfectly with the rich, creamy goodness of peanut butter – while the melted chocolate chips in this recipe add a touch of decadence. Of course, no baked oat recipe would be complete without a drizzle of Pure Capilano Honey!

We hope these breakfast-in-bed recipes bring a little extra sweetness and joy to your morning. Enjoy!

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