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Hot Damn, That’s Different! Capilano Hot Chilli Honey Is Here!

Capilano Hot Chilli Honey is hitting Australian supermarket shelves (including Woolworths and Coles), and we’re excited to introduce you to our fiery new creation!
Made from the rich, golden goodness of 100% Pure Australian Honey, sourced from our extensive network of over 800 dedicated Aussie beekeepers, infused with the fiery magic of habanero chilli. A mouthwatering combination destined to become your new condiment of choice.

Capilano Hot Chilli Honey 340g

Capilano Hot Chilli Honey is crafted by our master honey blender, who expertly infuses premium Australian floral honey with fiery flecks of habanero chilli to create a delicious, sweet heat.

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Capilano Hot Chilli Honey combines 100% Pure Australian Honey from our network of 800+ Aussie beekeepers with savoury, spicy flecks of habanero chilli to create a savoury-style honey, ideal for use as a condiment. There are no preservatives or other additives, just pure Australian honey with a chilli kick.

Fiona Tavian, GM of Innovation, said, “We know Australians are always looking for ways to add excitement to their meals and prioritise natural ingredients. Chilli honey is the perfect way to add a sweet-savoury spicy kick to their foods, with the average household consuming chilli every ten days and one survey suggesting five million adults enjoy hot sauce once a week.

What a great way to support Aussie beekeepers by tapping into this huge appetite for Chilli products! Our Hot Chilli Honey is a convenient, versatile and mouth-watering addition to the pantry that we think will be a hit with customers young and old, for home-cooked and takeaway foods.

The demand for chilli is set to grow, with studies indicating that those under 35 and Aussie men are especially partial to a chilli hit, and as many as half a million adults include hot sauces in their daily diet.

While Capilano has been around for 70 years, we are always looking to innovate and make honey feel new and exciting for cooking and baking. We are sure Australians are going to love our Hot Chilli Honey,” Ms Tavian added.

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