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50 Ways to Enjoy Manuka Honey

While we often associate Manuka honey with its role in soothing sore throats or sweetening our morning beverages, there are many exciting ways to add a little extra buzz into your daily life.

To prove just how versatile it is, we’ve put together 50 ways to make the most of your Manuka honey… from superfood drinks to culinary adventures, mouth-watering desserts and even DIY skincare. 


Keep scrolling and stock up on bioactive goodness – because your daily health routine just got sweeter!

Superfood Sips

Sunrise sips, moonlit toasts, refreshing pick-me-ups, mocktails, smoothies, sore-throat soothers and upgrades to classic teas… a squeeze of nourishing Manuka honey makes all the difference in these drinks!

Culinary Adventures with Manuka Honey

From breakfast to dinner, desserts, and all the lunchbox, party, afternoon teas and snacks in between. Take yourself on a culinary adventure with your favourite superfood ingredient… Manuka honey!

Health and Home

Manuka honey is not only delicious – you can use it around the home as well. From a soothing bath soak to giftable soaps – here are some other ways you can use your daily squeeze of Manuka!

We hope you enjoyed sipping, savouring and drizzling with Capilano Manuka Honey. Want to learn more about the bioactive properties that make Manuka so special? Click here.

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