Statement Regarding Sunny Flo Honey


Capilano Honey is aware of a recent consumer complaint pertaining to its Sunny Flo brand honey and the use of incorrect country of origin labelling. Capilano welcomes this opportunity to present the facts around Sunny Flo honey.

Capilano Honey acquired the Sunny Flo brand from Western Australian honey packing company Wescobee, as part of its purchase of the Wescobee business. At the time, a Sunny Flo 1kg pail was produced exclusively for a local Western Australian retail outlet called Spud Shed. The batch of honey in question was packed for consumer retail between 4th and 5th May 2016 using existing Wescobee labelling that had been printed prior to the Capilano acquisition.

Upon release to market, Capilano became aware that the labelling used did not state full country of origin information. Capilano subsequently removed all incorrectly packed products from shelves. Further production of all Sunny Flo honey packs have been labelled with compliant country of origin messaging.

Local Environmental Health Officers recently investigated the issue and they are satisfied with the actions taken. They also conducted their own in-market research to ensure the mislabelled product was no longer available for sale to consumers, including a full independent audit of all existing Sunny Flo labels. Their findings confirmed that all Sunny Flo products are fully compliant with country of origin information.

We welcome any direct queries on this matter.


Ben McKee

Managing Director

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